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RITSUMEIKAN ASIAPACIFICUNIVERSITY Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University ( APU ), located in Beppu on the southernJapaneseIsland of Kyushu . APU provides its students with a unique learning opportunity. With students hailing from 82 countries and region around the globe and a cadre of expert faculty- half of whom are from overseas-diversity in an essential ingredient in the APU experience Since opening in 2000, APU has received high acclaim both at home and abroad. Every year APU invites former leaders, Nobel Prize winners, heads of industry and other distinguished guests to speak on campus. In this way students can expect enriching and stimulating opportunities at APU – a microcosm of the global community The University has secured a record 8 Good Practice Awards from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology ( MEXT ) for the promotion of innovative educational program. Since 2007, APU has received funding from the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Asia Human Resources Development Fund for Its groundbreaking Global Business Leader Program. The eyes ofJapan and the world are focused on APU to see what will do next. The university continues to expand its global reach. The East Asia Roundtable that APU hosted last fall helped us strengthen ties with out Asia affiliates, and the Middle East-Japan Forum held in March 2007 has led to new partnerships in the Middle East ( Monte Cassim ) Developing Human Capital Producing Leaders to Work in International Society Multicultural, Multilingual environment A bilingual ( English and Japanese ) Education system A language education that centers on the languages of the Asia Pacific Region Complete carrier support Student and expert faculty members –of whom half come from outsideJapan A multitude of International exchange programs Chose April or September for Enrollment We are now accepting applications for Fall 2009 enrollment. The deadline are : 1st deadline : January 31st , 2009 2nd deadline : March 30th , 2009 3rd deadline : April 30th , 2009 APU Undergraduate offers the following course: College of Asia Pacific Studies ( APS ) The Asia Pacific Region continues to attract attention for it ongoing rapid economy growth. There are, however numerous negative issues, such as poverty, starvation, and disease. APS approach this problems with an emphasis on learning trough experience, which includes fieldwork to taught to be pro-active of regions when solving problems, considering issued from the governmental bodies and individuals. The 4 areas of study offered in the College of Asia Pacific Studies · Comparative societies and Culture · Environmental Resources Policy · International Government · Sustainable Development College ofInternational Management ( APM ) Business and global markets are growing even more dynamic in the 21st century To succeed in business, one will require specialized management knowledge, understanding of and sensitivity to other cultures and the ability to communicate and negotiate in English with the business people of the world. Further more no one can succeed in the increasingly multinational business world without an understanding of the Asia Pacific region, which is fast becoming the engine of the global economy The 4 areas of study offered in the College of International Management · Marketing and Corporate Strategy · Accounting and Finance · International Business and Comparative Management · New Business and Innovation Crossover Advance Program ( CAP ) Crossover Advance Programs ( CAP ) refer to undergraduate educational programs offered by each institute. These are interdisciplinary programs, incorporating core elements from both theCollege of Asia Pacific Studies andCollege of International Management as well as specialized theme of each CAP institute. CAP students will enroll in either one of existing colleges ( APM or APM ) and register for one of the 5 specialized CAP areas describe below : · Tourism & Hospitality Program ( THP ) · Health, Environment and life Science Program ( HEALS ) · International Strategic Studies ( ISS ) · Language and Culture Program ( LCS ) · Information and Communication Technology Program ( ICT ) College-Graduate Combined Degree Program APU offers students the option of the College-Graduate Combined Degree Program Benefits Students can reduce their total years of study and maintain their undergraduate tuition reduction in the graduate school. Outstanding students may be eligible for additional tuition reductions Program students are exempted from the graduate school entrance examination Student who meet the specific requirements may begin taking graduate level subjects from their 8th semester. A maximum of 10 credits can be applied to graduate school completion requirements Graduate school application and admission fees are waived fro graduate students APPLICATION Application Qualification Eligible applicants are individuals who fulfill all three application qualification below : 1. An individual who does not reside inJapan and does not possess Japanese Nationality 2. Academic background: For first year students · Has completed a standard 12-years of Education outsideJapan For second-year Transfer Students · Has completed a standard 13-years of education outsideJapan , or · Was registered as a students at aJapan university for a year or more and obtained 30 credits or more in the past or · Has completed education at a junior college inJapan in the past or · Has completed education at a technical college inJapan in the past or · Has completed education in the past at higher vocational school that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Education, culture, Sport, Science and Technology For Third-year Transfer Students · Has completed a standard 14-years of education outsideJapan , or · Was registered as a students at aJapan university for a year or more and obtained 60 credits or more in the past or · Has completed education at a junior college inJapan in the past or · Has completed education at a technical college inJapan in the past or · Has completed education in the past at higher vocational school that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Education, culture, Sport, Science and Technology 3. Basic language ability at the time enrolment Standard for English basis applicant A score of 500 points or more of the paper bases TOEFL ( or 61 for internet base TOEFL ), or a score of 5,5 or higher on the IELTS ( academic ) Application documents At the time of application, the following documents are required, For detail, please see the booklet “ Undergraduate Admission Information” ( please contact APU admission office or APU overseas office ) 1. Bachelor Degree Application form 2. High School Academic transcripts ( grade 10 – 12 ) 3. Official test score of Proficiency in English or Proficiency in Japanese ( Example : TOEFL, IELTS or JLPT ) 4. Application Essay 5. APU Scholarship Application 6. Proof of application fee payment ( USD 49 or 5,000 yen ) 7. Letter of recommendation 8. Other documents Expenses at APU 1. Admission fee 130,000 yen 2. Annual tuition fees 1,350,000 yen 3. Monthly dormitory fee 39,000 yen 4. Annual Living expenses approx 900,000 yen Scholarship Programs APU provides tuition reduction scholarship for qualified international students to reduce their financial burden Scholarship Awarded Before Enrollment l Scholarship provide support for up to 124 credits over four years. However, there is an ongoing review process based on student’s performance each semester l Application for scholarship can be make together with the general application for admission – no special application procedures are necessary l Screening for the APU scholarship program is an impartial process, base on a student’s academic record. In principle, financial ability is not taken into account l Selection is conducted prior to admission. Notification will be sent together with the Notification of Acceptance for Admission ① APU Scholarship Program These are independent APU scholarship exempting student from 100%, 80%, 65%, 50% and 30% of tuition fees, respectively. Student swill be still be responsible for paying the admission fee of 130,000 yen, airfare to Japan, and living expenses ( approximately one million yen per year ). ② Japanese Government Scholarship Please inquire at the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country for detail Scholarship Awarded After enrollment International Scholarships 1. Ando Momofuku Scholarship 2. Ando Momofuku Honor Prize 3. Academic Merit Scholarship 4. Incentive Scholarship for self-motivated students 5. Emergency tuition support External Scholarship For detail of external Scholarship please see APU undergraduate Prospectus 2009 Career Planning A 97% Employment Record An APU degree gives you opportunity to compete for jobs at the highest level, and in a huge range industries. APU graduates face demanding expectation and tough competition in the job market, our career services aim to equip you to win those competitions. Teaching you how to market yourself and how to compete to win the top jobs I the goal career services. Over the course of your study we will provide you with interview training, develop your networking skills, assist you to produce the perfect CV and see that you are prepared for anything the job market can throw at you. APU career Development Program On-campus recruiting Visiting corporation & organizations Top Executive lecture series Recreational Club and Activities APU students clubs and activities pull together many facets of life for students. Get involved in one of five organizations and you’ll find that you are trying out ideas from a class, gaining a new skill, great time. Some of this clubs have taken part in tournaments and competitive events on a national level where they have recorded outstanding achievements. If you take the initiative and invest the time, you can find, invent and develop any experience that suits you such as Culture/Arts, Social Service, Academic Activities and Sport FACILITIES Library ( over 2.3 million books ) Information- processing Seminar Rooms Multi media Room Lecture Hall ( included large screen, overhead cameras ) Student union ( cafeteria, Japanese style room, music studio, center for extra curricular activities and Co-op Shop ) AP House ( the student dormitory – is secure comfortable living environment where student from al over the world live side by side. Single and shared-type room available, all rooms are equipped with air conditioner, bed and refrigerator URL: BEPPU, a Resort Town A safe haven for tourists The city ofBeppu is oneJapan ’s most popular tourist destinations. Each year attracts ver 11 million visitors who come to enjoy its picturesque bayside location. Beppu’s resident are proud custodians of the world’s second largest outflow ofhot springs ( Onsen and some of the most spectacular natural scenery and old-style Japanese architecture. The International student population of APU has invigorated the local restaurant scene with a variety of cosmopolitan cities inJapan . The cities has an estimated population 121.755 ( March 2008 ) of which 2,600 are international student APU IndonesiaInformationCenter Sumitmas Tower I, 10Th floor Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 61-62 Jakarta Selatan Telp : 021-2523708 – 2523709 Fax : 021-2523710/ 2523721 Email : Special Issue for APU GraduateSchool Scholarship RITSUMEIKAN ASIA PACIFIC UNIVERSITYGRADUATE SCHOOL 2009 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS 1. MEXT International Priority Graduate Programs (PGP)2. Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) Deadline for GRADUATE SCHOOL 2009 FULL SCHOLARSHIP Feb 20th , 2009

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